LAMA INGENIERÍA LTDA it offers products and services of Automation and control in industrial processes; of efficient, agile, personalized form, with high availability and a competent human team directed to satisfy the needs of our clients generating sustainability to the company and welfare to our workpeople and associates.


To be a company recognized at national level in integral solutions of Automation and control in the industrial sector, specializing for offering services and/or products for demand, with financial growth and suitable personnel; offering an opportune and kind service to our clients.


Providing renewable energy products Colombians, being an alternative solution compared to current environmental problems. Providing specialized services in Process Control and Automation to optimize and control with maximum efficiency the extraction and production of oil. Give the best products and services to achieve high satisfaction of its customers through its trained personnel, experience and quality.

A piece of History

LAMA INGENIERIA LTDA born June 30, 2006 in order to provide engineering solutions to industrial level in Colombia in the area of Oil and Gas. Arises from the need of the oil industry for commissioning or commissioning of machinery robust processes and production facilities for oil extraction. Featuring since products and services related to industrial automation processes in this field.

What does LAMA?

We provide solutions for control packets such as separators, treaters, glycol plants, generators, compressors, filters, scadas, diagnosis and implementation of measurement systems for oil and gas and other solutions for the oil sector. With its strengthened network of suppliers, shareholders and specialized staff with experience and knowledge in this type of operation startup of machinery and equipment for processing oil production, achieving: safety, economy, confidence in the processes and a high level of satisfaction of our customers.

Team with a human sense

Qualified personnel

We have an excellent highly qualified, suitable, constantly training and training that enables them to achieve the goals set for each service.

Project engineering

Professional staff with extensive experience in automation of industrial processes, communications, monitoring and control systems, software programming applied to industry.


Staff Accountant qualified in the area of instrumentation and control, instrumentation and electrical assemblies that perform fault diagnosis and identification giving innovative and successful solution to our customers.

Awards and Certifications:


Certification in CPR - Single Register of Contractors Safety, Occupational Health and Environment of the hydrocarbon sector in Colombia issued by the Colombian Safety Council – Postulates for certified high punctuation for 2012

Consejo Colombiano de Seguridad


Provider high performance 2010 in the category of construction services, maintenance and construction in Petrobras Colombia Limited.

Certificación Petrobras