Success Case: Migration Control system pumps, PETROBRAS CPR Espinal.

LAMA receives certification RUC Single Register of Contractors Safety, occupational health and environment ...

LAMA is also training, See our courses.

Services Design, construction and commissioning Electrical systems SCADA and production wells

Solutions HMI / SCADA, Dynamic Production Reporting and Integrated Systems PLC.

Service Configuration and Calibration Control Systems

Service-oriented systems configuration control, maintenance and calibration of transmitters instruments (pressure, temperature, flow), taking for this highly trained effect and experience, in addition to calibration equipment with accredited certification to conventional technologies, Hart or Modbus digital as, among others.

Mount electrical service connection facilities of electronic equipment and instrumentation

Technical solutions for installation of piping, electrical wiring and instrumentation

Service for the basic engineering design projects and instrumentation installation

Basic design and detailed engineering of process facilities, power and control for both new projects and plant modifications and extensions.

The projects are in AUTOCAD delivering information in both print and digitized.

Startup and Commissioning processes Oil Production Facilities

We check facilities, installation and connection of the instruments of the equipment commissioning. Delivery of detailed documentation team launched. Commissioning or commissioning of:

  • Production and test separators
  • Electrostatic treaters
  • Injection pumps
  • Generators and motors
  • Glycol storey
  • Compressors
  • Variable Speed ​​Drives
  • Control Valves
  • Storage Tanks
  • Manbifold
  • Skimmers

Field Services

Our professional and technical staff is highly trained to provide solutions to detect and repair faults in control systems and instrumentation. Services and improving facilities in the area of ​​instrumentation and control.

Technical Advisory

Technical assistance in the installation, operation and maintenance of carrier plates CANALTA Dual Camera, AGA3 compliance regulations for this kind of equipment.

Technical assistance in the installation, operation and maintenance of instrumentation equipment.